Problems with Updating Ticket via Jumbo

Okay this is a bit odd of a problem…

First software:

Apache 2.0.50
mod_perl 1.99_14
RT 3.2.0

-Adding just a comment via Jumbo works fine, no issues, page returns
with a status message indicating what was done (as expected)

  • Changing the queue on a ticket + adding a comment works on both
    pieces, however no status message is returned, it just returns to the
    Jumbo screen
  • Changing the Owner on a ticket + adding a comment works for the change
    of ownership but the comment content is lost

I haven’t checked if any other combination causes issues, I will also
check a similar coniguration except using FastCGI in a short while.

Just thought I should mention it in case it’s a potential bug.


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