Problems with fetchmail on Windows Server 2003


I just recently installed RT on Windows Server 2003.

When I run the “rt-mailgate” shortcut, I get the following error:

fetchmail: awakened at Wed Jun 29 14:51:15 2005

2 messages for rt at

reading message of 2 (695 header octets) (1692 body

.fetchmail: SIGPIPE thrown from an MDA or a stream socket error

fetchmail: socket error while delivering to SMTP host

fetchmail: Query status=2 (SOCKET)

Here is my rt-mailgate.conf:

poll protocol imap:

username rt password PASSWORD mda
c:/Progra~1/Ourinternet/Reques~1/rt/bin/ --url
http://localhost:8284/ --queue IT --action correspond"

Anyone have any ideas?