Problems with 2 instances of rt!


I may have a little esoterik setup :wink: I run two independent
rt instances on my machine. One of them with additional SSL
support. After installing I realized that the second instance don´t
work any more. In the error log was always a “Can’t call method
"handle_request” on an undefined value at /opt/rt2_ipp/bin/
line 170, line 2". After some google research I found
at masonhq the solution. The “PerlFreshRestart” don´t work in 2.0.14.
Now the first instance run with PerlFreshRestart the second w/o.

My question(s)

1.) To run 2 instances I have two apache installation, on
two different ports, with two rt installs. Is this safe?
2.) Is it better to turn off PerlFreshRestart on both ports?

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Running 2 instances on 2 apache installations on 2 different ports is
fine. We have that setup here with two development instances for two
different departments running on one machine.

I comment out the PerlFreshRestart line on both ports, since that one
makes Apache not start. If it doesn’t work, get rid of the line.