Problems configuring fetchmail/rt-mailgate


RT was set up at my workplace, but not really used. I am trying to
re-configure it for use now. I’m not familiar with RT.

Basically, I’m just trying to set up an email address, to which emails can
be sent, and for those emails to show up in RT as tickets.

I’ve set up a new email address in Gmail for this, and have a Support queue
in RT. I updated fetchmailrc on the RT machine with the relevant
information. However, when I send emails to the Gmail address, nothing
appears in RT.

If I understand correctly, the theory is that the fetchmail daemon uses IMAP
to retrieve the emails from Gmail and passes these to rt-mailgate to pass on
to RT. Something is not working, and I’m not sure if it’s fetchmail or
rt-mailgate (or something else).

This is a snippet from fetchmailrc:
poll “"
with protocol IMAP
user "” password "pass1"
sslfingerprint "09:0E:5C:1A:DB:0F:5C:81:C0:20:B7:67:C1:CC:DB:B5"
mda “/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --url --queue
’Support’ --action correspond”

(That’s not the actual email address and password - I’ve just changed them
here for this post.)

I presume fetchmail is being started automatically when the machine starts.
When I access the Gmail account, the test emails I have sent to it are still
unread in the inbox. If I navigate to /opt/rt3/bin, rt-mailgate is indeed in
the directory, but when I try to run rt-mailgate directly (even just to get
a usage message or something), I get:
"The program ‘rt-mailgate’ is currently not installed. You can install it by
typing: sudo apt-get install rt3.6-clients"
However, when RT was initially set up here, I know rt-mailgate and the
email-to-ticket system was working.

Is there something obvious I’m overlooking?

Thanks in advance.

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