Problems adding a user in RT 3.0.2

Is there somebody who can help me in adding a user decently, without
getting the following error that seems to appear for every attempt to add a
new user:

error: RT::User::crit Unimplemented in RT::User.
(/opt/rt3/lib/RT/ line 296)

277: }
279: # All errors returned from this routine will be in exception form.
280: local $SIG{‘DIE’} = sub {
281: rethrow_exception( $_[0] );
282: };
284: #
285: # $m is a dynamically scoped global containing this

code stack: /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/HTML/Mason/

If I try to add the same user again, I obtain a complaint stating that the
user already exists. Effectively, under MySQL, the user appears in table
’users’ from the rt3 database.
The error appears for every user that I try to add.
Thank you for your help!


Lieven wrote:

error: RT::User::crit Unimplemented in RT::User.
(/opt/rt3/lib/RT/ line 296)

Replace any occurrences of ‘$self->crit’ with ‘$RT::Logger->crit’
in User_Overlay and Group_Overlay. That won’t fix your problem,
but at least you’ll get the correct error, which is:

“Couldn’t stash the user in groumembers” (sic)

No, I don’t know offhand why you’d be getting that, but someone
else might…
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