Problem with users and "Will not be sent email"

When a new client is in negotiations for our services a ticket is created by our sales team and is passed back and forth between the sales queue and systems queue in order to hammer out details of what we can and cannot do. Due to our rights layout, people who may need to reply to a ticket are not allowed to do so when the ticket is not in their associated queue.

This has led to users being added as Ccs on these tickets when necessary. However, as the ticket gets bounced back and forth, they are marked as “Will not be sent email”. I’m trying to figure out the rights scheme which must be implemented that will allow certain users to be added as Ccs to tickets they wouldn’t normally have rights to. I’ve gone through a few scenarios each having as little impact as the one preceding it. At this point, I’m wondering if the necessary users should be added to a group which has the necessary rights and how that would affect their other rights which are likely to be more restrictive.

As it stands now, Privileged users have the Watch right on all queues. This alone seems like it should be enough to allow them to receive emails. Not so. One right which is not given to anyone is ModifyQueueWatchers. Would this be necessary as people add internal users to the Cc list? In basic terms a Cc is a queue watcher however, as stated above, all privileged users (which they all are) already have the Watch right on every queue.

Making it even more confusing is that some of the users being marked as not receiving email have significantly more rights than others. This makes me wonder if it is, in fact, one of the rights not assigned to anyone which will eliminate the problem.

This has led to quite a conundrum as people that absolutely need to see the emails go back and forth are not receiving them. As can be expected, this leads to a breakdown in communication which can lead to frustration at best and loss of a client at worst.

Does anyone have any insight as to rights that may need to be assigned or how the configuration might need to be adjusted?

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