Problem with transactionbatch and unblessed

I think I am making a silly mistake, but I can not see it.

Template as follows on 3.4.2:


my $old_user = $Ticket->CurrentUser;
$Ticket->CurrentUser( $RT::SystemUser );
my $batch = $Ticket->TransactionBatch;
my $comment;
if( !$batch || !ref($batch) ) {
$RT::Logger->info(“TransactionBatch stage is disabled.”);
} else {
$RT::Logger->info(“LCM batch “,@$batch);
while (my $trans = $batch->Next) {
$OUT .= $trans->CreatedObj->AsString . “: " . $trans->Description;
if ($trans->TimeTaken) {
$OUT .= " (”.$trans->TimeTaken.” min)”;
$OUT .= “\n”;
if ($trans->Content) {
$OUT .= $trans->Content . “\n”;
$OUT .= (’-'x78)."\n";
$Ticket->CurrentUser( $old_user );


Error I am getting is:

[Mon Aug 8 21:37:30 2005] [debug]: Found 1 scrips
[Mon Aug 8 21:37:30 2005] [error]: Template parsing error: Can’t call
method “N
ext” on unblessed reference at template line 13.

[Mon Aug 8 21:37:30 2005] [error]: error: unexpected end of header

I know that $batch has 4-5 transactions in there based on:

[Mon Aug 8 21:47:28 2005] [info]: batch RT::Transaction=HASH(0x8522d70)
RT::Transaction=HASH(0xa5d6188) RT::Transaction=HASH0xa5cf25c)
RT::Transaction=HASH(0xa5e8e78) RT::Transaction=HASH(0xa5f3f5c)

Why doesn’t the Next method work?

Any help appreciated.

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