Problem with Transaction Custom Fields

I tried to send an mail with a scrip and a template together. The scrip
was triggered by any transaction where the Transaction Custom Field
‘Test’ was changed, but RT the Transaction::CustomFieldValues function
returns nothing, through the Scrip.
I developed a Mason file, where I’ve used the same methods to get the
transaction custom field values, at the local/Elements directory, it’s
worked. Does the scrips have any limitation with transaction custom
fields or could it be an bug?

The ticket custom field test file:

% while (my $CurrentValue = $Values->Next) {
Valor: <% $CurrentValue->Content %>

% }

# Trying to load a transacton that have a custom field assigned to it
my $Transaction = new RT::Transaction ($RT::SystemUser);
$Transaction->Load (4594);

my $Values = $Transacao->CustomFieldValues ('Test');
$RT::Logger->debug ("Values:: " . $Values);


Thanks a lot,

Lucas F. Rosada