Problem with showing/editing grouprights

Hi All,

I’m currently implementing a standarised demo environment of RT
(RT-3.4.5rc2) using a SQLite database and standalone_httpd.
If it is complete I can file it away and restore it after a client has
played around with it. I started populating the database with some users
and groups and noticed something weird.
I added 3 users and 4 groups, helpdesk, systemhelpdesk, appshelpdesk and
managers. I then added users to these groups and I added systemhelpdesk
and appshelpdesk to helpdesk. Sofar no problems.
Then I started on assigning rights to these groups and then I noticed
I added, through Configuration/Groups/Select group, the helpdesk group
and assigned the available rights
and showsavedsearches). I assigned none to the others.
Then I added users to appshelpdesk and wanted to assign rights after
that and saw to my surprise that I hadn’t any assigned rights anymore on
helpdesk. Thus I went back to my helpdesk group to check what happened
and I saw them listed.
So what happens is you can assign rights to all groups at once but going
to another group will hide those rights just given which is migthy
confusing not to say maybe its just a bug.

Is this supposed to be like this?


Joop van de Wege