Problem with redirect


We are using rt in FreeBSD with Jails:

External_IPN->Apache2.2 (mod_proxy)->
Jail_IPN->Apache2.2. (in jail)

The external url is,
the internal url is With the current
implementation of lib/RT/Interface/ the redirect is

I use the following diff to get it working, disabling the
’intelligent’ behaviour of rt:

rt23# pwd
rt23# diff -u
— Tue Mar 27 10:17:28 2007
+++ Tue Mar 27 10:18:13 2007
@@ -191,11 +191,13 @@
# If the user is coming in via a non-canonical
# hostname, don’t redirect them to the canonical host,
# it will just upset them (and invalidate their credentials)

  • if ($uri->host eq $server_uri->host &&
  •    $uri->port eq $server_uri->port) {
  •        $uri->host($ENV{'HTTP_HOST'});
  •        $uri->port($ENV{'SERVER_PORT'});
  •    }

+# FIX the redirect

  • #if ($uri->host eq $server_uri->host &&
    +# $uri->port eq $server_uri->port) {
    +# $uri->host($ENV{‘HTTP_HOST’});
    +# $uri->port($ENV{‘SERVER_PORT’});
    +# }


I don’t really know, in which situation you would like to replace
the values with the environment with what was really requested.

Don’t know, perhaps this block can be removed anyway or is there another
fix needed for another situation?



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