Problem with migrating from rt2 to rt3


I’m trying to migrate a rt2 database to an rt3 database using version
1.23 of the migration tool. I’ve followed the instructions and at first
the dump to file seemed be be going well. However, during import I got
messages like:

[Wed Feb 2 23:00:30 2005] [error]: Could not create a new user -
Failed to create user for$VAR1 = {
‘CryptedPassword’ => undef,
‘Name’ => ‘Unnamed user 14676’

and that for ever user there is. In the metadata file, there are only id
fields for the user and no realname, passwd or email value or anything.

I have tried searching on the net to see if anyone had a similar problem
but so far I have found nothing. Is there anyone on this list that might
have an idea what could be wrong? The complete rt2 version is 2.0.11,
and am using mysql 4.1.3. (have been for years without problems).

Thanks for any help,

Johan Jonkers