Problem with localisation in History

Dear RT users,
i have problem in the history - Table:

It seems that RT is not propery translating the Fieldnames in the brief description.

The It can#n be found in Ticket/elements/ShowTransaction ,represented by:

<% $transdate|n %>  % my $desc = $Transaction->BriefDescription;

The Perl module responsible for $Transaction->BriefDescription is

It has a sub called brief description which contains for instance

return ( $self->loc( “[_1] changed from [_2] to [_3]”, $self->Field , ( $self->OldValue || $no_value ) , $self->NewValue ));

This seems all right. But RT does translate _2 and _3 while _1 remains the original value from the table.
Why is $self->Field not translated while $self->NewValue and $self->OldValue are correctly translated?

For instance in “root - Queue von General in Technik geändert " Queue” should be “Anfrage”

This only occurs in the history, all other Elements are working fine?

Anyone who encountered similar problems?



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