Problem with Firefox and RT2

I have a problem, with Firefox and RT2. You can login fine, any link you click takes you back to the login page, if you login correctly, it takes you to the page for the link you clicked on earlier. If you click on anything on THAT page, it will again take you to the login page, if you then login again, it will take you to the newly selected page, ad infinitum. This does not happen with the Mozilla browser, or IE, or Firefox 1.5 Beta on Windows, but it does happen with Firefox 1.06 and Firefox 1.5 RC3 on Linux and Windows.

Ruslan suggested some of the following:

  1. you should check that RT setups cookie. Firefox has cookie manager.
  • I have deleted the cookie in Firefox, and it gets re-created by RT. Cookie name is AF_SID, content is a long alphanumeric string, path is ‘/’, Send for: Any type of connection, and Expires: at end of session
  1. you should check RT’s log files
  • nothing there that seems to be relevant, no entries at all for today, and it is still doing it.
  1. you also MUST provide info about RT version, about DB you use and
  • RT 2.0.15, MySQL 4.0.17, Apache 1.3.34, Red Hat 8, what should I be looking at in

Ideas would be appreciated. Oh, I get the same behaviour with RT 3.4.4, MySQL 4.1.14, Fedora Core 3, Apache 1.3.33