Problem with customfield when quick create or bulkupdate

Have you paid for support or are you demanding FREE support? I would say if this is a support issue, take it up with the company that you bought it from, i.e. BestPractical. I would hope you are not demanding someone take their Saturday off to work on your problems.
Speaking for myself, I have budgeted a donation to BestPractical for next month from my company since we are running RT in production. If I didn’t do so, I don’t think I could post to this list and complain or ask for help with a good conscience. The only thing bothering me now is how to budget for a donation to the AT project but I’ll get it done since we are using AT in production.
Here’s the link to where you can purchase enterprise level support for RT: on behalf of Rejo Zenger
Sent: Sat 5/28/2005 3:53 AM
Subject: Re: [rt-users] problem with customfield when quick create or bulkupdate

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++ 26/05/05 10:40 +0200 - Rejo Zenger:

Hi Jesse (and others),

++ 26/05/05 02:36 -0400 - Jesse Vincent:

Currently running RT 3.4.2 with perl 5.8.4-8 and apache 2.0.53-5 on a
Debian box. I seem to have a small problem with QuickCreate and Bulk
Update. Same problem existed with RT 3.4.1.

Last I looked, QuickCreate doesn’t deal with custom fields. (Or really
anything other than reminder-level stuff). Is Bulk Update resetting
valid fields?
As for Bulk Update, it does reset valid field values. Say, I have a
couple of tickets listed, some of them with no value and some of them
with some value (not specifically the same). These values will get:

  1. resetted to a null value, regardless a value existed or not, if I
    have not specified a value in the CF or
  2. set to the new value if I have specified one in the CF.

Does this help?

Hi Jesse (and others),

Maybe I am showing patience too little, but do you think you can help me
on this problem? Currently, this is the only issue in RT we have and the
only reason why RT is not yet officially in production…

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