Problem with auto-creating tickets via Email, solved

I managed to resolve my problems creating tickets via Email.
Hermann Wecke sent me instructions, which I’ll include below,
but in summary:

  1. Queues created using the admin-webrt.cgi would not create tickets

  2. Queues created with the CLI interface (rtadmin queue -create testq)
    do seem to work properly. This seems to be the opposite of the
    Email Hermann sent, but removing-and-recreating with the CLI did

Thanks Hermann, and everyone else with their helpful suggestions.
I’m running 1.0.4 and have been too busy resolving tickets to
upgrade. :slight_smile:


| Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 08:34:25 -0400 (EDT)
| From: Hermann Wecke
| Sender:
| To: Edward Christians
| cc:
| Subject: Re: [rt-users] Weird problem with queue
| Problem solved.
| The “abuse” queue was the first one after I compiled the source. Following
| the instructions, I created the queue using the CLI:
| ./rtadmin queue -create abuse
| The second queue (security) was created using the admin-webrt.cgi.
| So, what I did: using the same admin-webrt, I deleted the queue abuse and
| recreated right after that. Always using the admin-webrt.
| I suggest you, Edward, to do the same: delete your queue - probabily
| created via CLI interface - and recreate it using admin-webrt.
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