Problem with attaching documents to tickets


Does anyone have a fix for attaching PDF documents to tickets on rt3.0.5?

From the web gui if I attach a pdf file it doesn’t show up as an attachment, all I get is a ticket update with a subject line containing the filename of the PDF document.

Anyone else seeing this?

I’m running RT 3.0.5 on Redhat9, mod_fastcgi-2.4, perl, v5.8.0, mysql-server-3.23.54a-11, please let me know if any more info will be usefull.

Also if I attach a Visio diagram to a ticket, this seems to work ok but if I click on the attachment in a ticket and then click on open rather than download then the document never opens and the browser window just times out.If I click on download and then open the downloaded copy of the attachement then all is well.

Help please!

Other than the above attachment issues, RT3 is absolutely great, thanks to all who’ve contributed to its being.

Regards Darren

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