Problem with a user. Database problem?

I just brought up a new RT system, and I have one user that appears to
be broken and I can’t figure out what the problem was.

The current permissions situation is very simple. I created a group
which all my users belong to, and then created a number of queues, and
gave the group permissions on the queues.

For some reason when logging in as my one user, I was unable to see the
list of queues I should have permission to see in the Quick Search box.
It displayed empty. If I clicked the edit button, I could then see all
the queues there (with their boxes already checked). I hit save, and the
queues all show up in the user’s quick search box.

So this user can see the queues to some extent, but the user does not
have permission to create tickets in any of the queues. The “New Ticket
in” drop down menu appears blank.

This makes no sense as the user is in a group that has CreateTicket
rights for all these queues as well as SeeQueue. Further, all the other
members of the group can see everything as I intend. For some reason
this one user is broken.

I don’t think this is a permissions issue, because nothing unusual has
been done, and this ‘bad’ user is in a group exactly like other accounts
which do work properly. None of the users have any privs assigned to
them separately.

Any ideas?

I hate to reply to myself, but I just discovered even if I make this
"problem" user a superuser, it still can not create tickets because the
drop down menu for creating tickets is still empty.

Could I have a serious database problem? Has anyone seen this before?

John Arends wrote: