Problem Configuring RT 3.8 with RT::Crypt::SMIME


I have installed RT::Crypt::SMIME module from CPAN to my RT
installation. To test it I downloaded a free digital certificate for
SMIME. I converted the certificate (which was intially in .p12 format)
to .pem format using Open SSL. Furthur, I modified as:

use RT::Crypt::SMIME;
    Set($OpenSSLPath, ('/usr/bin/openssl'); # or wherever openssl  

Set($SMIMEKeys, ‚(’/opt/rt3/etc’); #this location contains my
certificate address.pem
Set($SMIMEPasswords, { address => (‘squeamish ossifrage’});
@MailPlugins = (qw(Auth::MailFrom Auth::SMIME));

After restarting the server and sending mail through RT, I am getting
a mail from server that there are no public keys defined.

I logged into my RT as root and pasted my public key into public key
custom field to all the users( including me) who will get mail

After this the mails which are being delivered donot contain any body.

What could be the possible problem? Please tell me if I have missed
any step?