Surely someone out there must be knowing how RT3 stores its privilege
status in the mysql table. I have looked up and down but the word
privilege doesn’t appear anywhere, can someone give me a pointer?
I need to reset a privilege from there!! (Related to the RT mess thread)
Lule George William (Mr)
Network and Systems Administrator
Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi
P.O. Box 5498 Kampala


Try this:

Find out the id of the user you want to be a super user (user name ‘myname’):

'select id from Users where Name = ‘myname’;

Let’s say this id is 76…

Then find the group for this user:

'select id from Groups where name = ‘User 76’;

Let’s say this group id is 77.

Insert into ACL:

PrincipalType = 'Group’
PrincipalId = 77
RightName = 'SuperUser’
ObjectType = 'RT::System’
ObjectId = 1
DelegatedBy = 0
DelegatedFrom = 0

Hope this works for you

Steve Turner

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