Priority Escalation

Hi everyone,

Maybe I’m missing something but I setup my queues to have priority of 1
and “overtime move priority to 100.”

I’ve left the tickets alone for several days to test, and so far have
not gotten a single ticket to move up in priority, even the tickets that
have set DUE dates.

Whats up? Do I have to run a CRON using rt-crontool or rt-escalate for
something like this? It seems redundant that one would have to do that
considering the option is in the GUI.



I’m running 3.6.0

Josh Barron

Systems Administration

NetCentral Inc.

Yes, you do have to run either rt-crontool or rt-escalate. The GUI only
allows you to set the variables for these two tools to use, it doesn’t
actually change the priority.

I’ve been testing rt-escalate and have received code from the author
which will prevent the Last Updated field from being altered every time
the priority is changed. I will post this when I get to work tonight.

Mathew Snyder

Josh Barron wrote: