Priority escalation and keyword hierarchies

Hi all,

RT ver: 2.0.14
Purpose: internal (only) bug requests/correspondence tracking

I’m just trying to configure RT for use on our network, but I encountered a
few difficulties, namely with the priority escalation stuff and keywords.

As regards priorities, I can’t seem to be able to get it to work (i.e. to
escalate). What exactly is needed for the priority escalation to work?
It is also somewhat strange that you can put any value for the “Over time,
priority moves toward:” box (e.g. a 1000)! And then you still have the field
for final priority when creating or changing an existing ticket. What’s that
for? What is the point in specifying the final priority in the Queue
configuration page then, if anyone creating a ticket could set it to
whatever they want? Our situation is that we want only 5 priority levels
with a drop-down field for specifying the priority for any given ticket when
creating it.

Then, for the fields such as “time worked”, “time left”, etc. – what units
are you supposed to input the time in (weeks, days, hours, minutes,
seconds)?! Do you really think this is clear? I mean if I think it’s “days”,
how about a value of 0.042? Is that what was intended? I did read in the
documentation (which BTW has complete sections missing, i.e. only headings
are there without content, e.g. Email) that the date parser is quite
sophisticated, but I don’t think that makes up in any way here for the lack
of clearness and not being foolproof.

Keywords. I made a couple of hierarchies for testing (if we go with the
system we would populate this from another database) and I set the keywords
as being global. The depth setting, however, doesn’t seem to work. I made
about 4 levels and set the depth to 1 at the first level – it still shows
all the levels (to the deepest one) in the keyword selection box on the
ticket creation page. What’s wrong there?

It would also be great if you could choose the first level in the first
keyword box and then the next level in the second box, with the choices in
the second level box being determined by what was selected in the first
level box. I hope this is clear…

We’re also looking at Bugzilla, which would probably require less
customization. I don’t think it has the priority escalation stuff, but at
least the priorities cannot be as arbitrary as anyone creating a ticket in
RT whishes. But the escalation would be possible to implement AFAIK.

Sorry if this is a bit long. Thanks in advance for any suggestions and info
you can provide about these issues.


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