Preventing the on create auto responder after changing queues in a scrip

Hi all,

I’ve setup a scrip that moves tickets with an ‘X-Spam: true’ header
into a spam queue, however, the 'On Create Autoreply To Requestors’
still mails out about this ticket, even though the Spam queue has a
blank template.

It seems that the mail that’s sent out to the requestor is actually
for the original queue destination, and not the one that it has been
moved into.

I had ordered my scrips such that my custom one runs before, and this
can be seen in the logs:

[Tue Sep 20 08:35:17 2011] [info]: running spam filter ((eval 1840):5)
[Tue Sep 20 08:35:18 2011] [info]: queue changed to Spam due to spam
header being present.108658 ((eval 1878):3)
[Tue Sep 20 08:35:18 2011] [info]:
<rt-3.8.7-8862-1316507718-371.29060-3-0@…> #29060/108657 - Scrip 3
On Create Autoreply To Requestors
[Tue Sep 20 08:35:18 2011] [info]:
<rt-3.8.7-8862-1316507718-371.29060-3-0@…> sent To:

The scrip I have setup has a On Create condition, User Defined action,
no template, and is in the stage TransationCreate.

Can anyone suggest how I can prevent the auto responder going out?

Many thanks,

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