Preventing archived tickets from being reopened

Hi, I’m using RT4.4, and I’ve drawn a blank on this one, despite having tried various solutions from the wiki, for example

When we resolve a ticket, after 30 days the status changes to archived and the ticket can no longer be reopened. However, customers are still able to reply to these tickets, but we can easily miss the reply. What we would like to happen is that the customer’s email gets an automatic response saying that “this ticket is archived and cannot be reopened - please open a new ticket”. Does anybody else do this and would be willing to share how you achieve it?

That wiki page says the existing scrip is called “On Correspond Open Tickets” I believe for newer RTs it is called “On Correspond Open Inactive Tickets”. Does changing the name of your custom scrip do the trick?

Try this thread as a possible alternative, as tit has the additional advantage of opening automatically opening new ticket for your customers (which may save them time and keep them happier).

Also make sure you don’t have another other scrips on the same queue that might also be run and do something different (such as reopen the ticket!). You might want to put some debugging at the end of your existing scrip condition so that it logs which option it takes (and indeed if it is triggered at all).