Preliminary Schedule for RTCon Pilsen 19 Jun 2000

NOTE THAT THIS IS A PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE. More information will follow,
but we wanted to nail down a date and start collecting RSVPs.

RT Developers from around the world (Ok, well, at least one from the US,
one from Norway and one from the Czech Republic) will be coming together
to chart the future of RT later this month in Pilsen, Czech Republic.


Jan Okrouhly is coordinating things in Pilsen. has graciously volunteered to arrange and sponsor the meeting.

Who should attend

While the meeting is aimed at the more technical members of the RT
community (the hackers) we’ll adjust things based on attendance. There should
be something for just about everyone involved with RT there :slight_smile:


Check out for accomodation.
It will also be possible to sleep cheaply at the students hostel.


If you could please RSVP to as soon as possible if there
might be a possibility that you can attend, we’d appreciate it a whole lot.


Exact day-of-event information has yet to be determined. Directions, etc will be available shortly.

The agenda for the day will look something like this:
(Yes, we know that this is really ambitious.)

11.00 Experiences using RT1

    What we got wrong
    What we got right
    What maintnance needs to happen to 1.0

12.00 Presentation of RT2 (RT as a product)
What’s in RT 2.0
- Functionality
- The scrips system
- Linking
What’s not in RT2 yet
What will never be in RT2

13.00 Lunch
14.00 Presentation of RT2 (Internals)
- Mason Web UI
- Coding style
- folding modes
- object orientedness
- DBIx
- Core code
16.00 Features wanted in RT2.
17.30 Related projects:
- bugtracker
- asset manager
- knowledge manager
- Can RT be developed into a full-fledged project
administration tool?
19.30 Roadmap of future versions
20.00 Dinner
21.00 We’ll continue to the pub

[Will it cost anything? I guess lunch, dinner and eventually
sightseeing will cost something? If a charge is demanded, I guess it
should be fair enough to let it cover the costs for Jan (as beeing in
charge of the arrangement), Jesse and me)?]

[Put in some useful information about Pilsen]

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