Pre-filling the Create Ticket form?


We have an account/provisioning database, which I would like to loosely link
with RT. All I really need is a way to start the fault-reporting process
from that database. What I am hoping to do is just have a ‘magic’ link in
the accounts db pages with a URL something like

This would bring up the normal create ticket form, but with some values
pre-filled. What’s the best way to do this? I’d rather not end up with two
copies of /Ticket/Create.html… Things I can think of:

  1. Use callbacks to have RT pull the data from the other db. Would rather
    not. The URL-passing way allows me to do this from anything, not just this
    one case.
  2. Copy /Ticket/Create.html and modify it. Pain to keep updated.
  3. Create a ticket in the background, then show the user the modify form,
    and hope they don’t notice. Potentially leaves lots of ‘aborted’ tickets

Is there a nice way to do this? Also, incidentally, is there actually any
docs for what Callbacks are available where? Or a human-readable changelog
for new releases, while I think of it? (I don’t see anything on the website
that tells me the difference between 3-0-10 which I have, and 3-0-11).

Best Regards,