Postgres schema / Upgrade to 4.4.1

In figuring out the upgrade from 4.2.12 to 4.4.1, I have run into trouble with the externalauthid deprecation, and am continuing to work around it. Our system uses LDAP for which the externalauthid was the LDAP uid by which our users are identified in LDAP (& RT). This upgrade of RT is being explored on a dev box with two running instances of RT 4.2.12, -dev and -test. RT 4.4.1 is being ‘installed/upgraded’ as a 3rd instance alongside the other 2, so as I understand it it’s not really an upgrade in the sense that I am overwriting existing files, but an install.

I tried going through the ‘upgrade’ process but was never able to log in as I couldn’t get the LDAP configured quite properly nor, for some reason, could I log in as root w/ password.

I have been able to get a bare RT instance up and running with make install and make initialize-database (perhaps not the right way to go, but the only way that has worked thus far), was able to log in and have, at Martin’s suggestion, gone in and created a user CF called userid. I have pulled a copy of our existing instance (4.2.12) database and believe I can go into this copy and rename externalauthid to userid via psql if I load the copy into postgres as rttemp or some such, do the column rename and then dump it again.

My questions are:

  1. Do I need to add userid to the schma.Pg file? I had half expected adding the user CF would do this but it did not.

  2. When I import our db with the renamed column, does column order within the table matter? To wit: If I have to add the column name to the users table schema, does it have to appear in the schema in the order in which it actually exists in the db? If I don’thave to add userid to the schema.Pg, where is it defined? Do I need to precisely match that definition or does column order not matter, all goes by column name?

  3. If this is a viable path to success, I presume that, once the db copy is loaded, I then need to run make upgrade-database to get the 4.2.12 db up to 4.4.1, is this correct?

Or am I going about this completely wrong?