Possibly RTFM (apologies): notifying owner ON creationof a ticket

Yep. That’s the rule that’s in place now. I was hoping to have to avoid
forcing people to create a ticket. Save it. Then assign it. Owner can be
assigned on creation, but I guess it’s just missing the owner at that

Thanks for your help,
ChrsiOn Mon, 2005-09-19 at 10:36 -0700, Patrick Morris wrote:

There is no owner on create. Maybe “On owner change” would work?

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Good morning,

I have scrips set up which email users (requestor, owner) when they are
assigned an unassigned ticket, or when a comment is made. However,
notification does not seem to go out when the ticket is created and assigned
all at the same time.

I have tried a script that says “on create, notify owner, with template:
blank”, to no avail. I am wondering what I am missing and anyone could
provide insight.

I am running RT 3.2.1, and can provide the installed list from the system
config if this would provide insight.

Again, apologies if this has been covered. If I could be pointed to a more
appropriate resource or method to solve this I would be most appreciative.

Thanks again,
Chris Wall