Possible to create scrips for "users"?

Has anyone created any scrips to run when a new user is created?

specifically new users via the “Autocreated on ticket submission” when an
email is sent to RT?

maybe this is more of a custom code thing than a scrip but any ideas or
thoughts are welcome.

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I’ve done something using the stub function “CanonicalizeUserInfo” in the User object by creating a User_Local.pm in the local/ tree. Here’s the function in User.pm for your convenience:

=item CanonicalizeUserInfo HASH of ARGS

CanonicalizeUserInfo can convert all User->Create options.

it takes a hashref of all the params sent to User->Create and

returns that same hash, by default nothing is done.

This function is intended to allow users to have their info looked up via

an outside source and modified upon creation.


sub CanonicalizeUserInfo {
my $self = shift;
my $args = shift;
my $success = 1;

return ($success);


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