Possible fix for UTF8 Corruption

Hi Jesse,

It worked for me. My main problem was with access by https, but with http
also had problems not so frequently.
Now it seems all working great, can open all attach’s created by web or
mail. My enviroment is:

RT 3.0.8
Perl 5.8.2 with everything up to date with CPAN
Apache 1.3.28


Rui Ferreira

Message: 10Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 15:13:11 -0500
From: Jesse Vincent jesse@bestpractical.com
Subject: Possible fix for UTF8 Corruption (Was Re: [rt-users] Last
hope …)
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Based on the patch to perl I forwarded along earlier today, I’ve created
an altered version of IO-Stringy (which includes IO::Scalar). Because I
can’t easily reproduce this problem, I’d like those of you who
experience it to install this package, stop apache, start it again and
tell me whether it resolves the issue. You can download it from: