I’ve searched the mailing list and I can’t seem to find a definitive answer.

I want to try using the Spamassassin plugin for rt-mailgate, so I can gain a better understanding of how the MailPlugin feature works. I can’t seem to find where I could would place Filter::SpamAssassin in @RT::MailPlugin.

Here are my two guesses,

  1. In

I place the command:
push @RT::MailPlugins, “Filter::SpamAssassin”

in line 760 right after it says

push @RT::MailPlugins, “Auth::MailFrom” unless @RT::MailPlugins

so the chunk of code in would look like this

push @RT::MailPlugins, “Auth::MailFrom” unless @RT::MailPlugins;

push @RT::MailPlugins, "Filter::SpamAssassin";    ###### LINE THAT I AM THINKING OF ADDING
# Since this needs loading, no matter what

for (@RT::MailPlugins) {
  1. In

adding the line:

push @RT::MailPlugins, “Filter::SpamAssassin”;

  1. something else…???

Maybe I’m approaching this wrong, if I am (which I’m sure of) I’d appreciate it if someone would point me in the right direction.

Thank you.


  1. In

adding the line:

push @RT::MailPlugins, “Filter::SpamAssassin”;

This is almost what I do; just set the whole list to be sure of the order:

@RT::MailPlugins = (“Filter::SpamAssassin”, “Auth::MailFrom”);

I posted a working version of the SpamAssassin plugin itself to this
list a few weeks ago, it ought to be easy to find.

-- Larry