Please get the Mailinglists back or build a gateway

Dear Best Practical

I just subscribed to your mailinglist, only to get a reply to my first post, that the lists have been migrated to this forum and I should join the forum with my credentials from the list.

  1. Your form was down at the time you sent me that email - nice!

Some 15min later it was reachable so let’s try.

  1. I get a lot of nginx 502 Bad Gateway Errors.

  2. Trying to recover the Password for my mailman email address with the from the forum (after some 502 gateway errors) was replied with: No such email address. - Well your instructions don’t work.

  3. Logged in with Google, that worked.

  4. Trying to search: 502 Bad Gateway, each time I try…

  5. Forums are generally not user friendly and do not encourage users to help each other. You have to poll to see new messages. While in a mailinglist I instantly get a new post and can instantly reply with my email client which is open all the time while I work.

So PLEASE do get the mailinglists back, or at lease build a bi-directional email to forum gateway.