Pg database connection - authentication failed

Hi folks.

I’ve just had to move my RT3 install onto a new box and all’s going well until
I try to use it. When I try to bring the login page up I get Internal Server

The log file shows:
[Wed Aug 08 11:18:06 2007] [error] [client] Connect Failed FATAL:
password authentication failed for user “rt_user”\n\n at /opt/rt3/lib/
line 205\n

If I try to access the database using:

export PGDATABASE=rt3
export PGHOST=
export PGUSER=rt_user

it lets me in no problem, but RT fails. my includes:

Set($DatabaseType , ‘Pg’);
Set($DatabaseHost , ‘localhost’);
Set($DatabaseRTHost , ‘localhost’);
Set($DatabasePort , ‘’);
Set($DatabaseUser , ‘rt_user’);
Set($DatabasePassword , ‘’);
Set($DatabaseName , ‘rt3’);
Set($DatabaseRequireSSL , undef);

Anyone got any suggestions
Gary Stainburn

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