Permission denied when receiving email with attachments


i am using RT 2.0.12 and the requestor get the reply ‘Permission denied’
when an email with attachments is sent to rt.
The attachment size is smaller than the MaxAttachmentSize in

Any ideas what could be the problem ?


Joerg Eichhorn


now i fixed the problem with the ‘Permission Denied’ reply, but there is
still another problem.

Here is the system configuration:

  • RT 2.0.12 on linux
  • MySQL 3.23.49
  • perl 5.6.1

In the

$MaxAttachmentSize = 10000000;
$TruncateLongAttachments = undef;
$DropLongAttachments = undef;

An attachment with the size 1.581.627 bytes is dropped by RT.
I tried to set the MaxAttachmentSize variable to a higher value, but
the attachment is still dropped.

Any ideas ?

Joerg Eichhorn


i found out what the problem was.
In the mysql configruration my.cnf the value below was set to 1M.
With the value 16M attachment up to 16 MB should work.

set-variable = max_allowed_packet=16M

J�rg Eichhorn