Permission Denied? What permission?


since yesterday there’s ONE user with problems with email. When he
replies an RT email he gets a message from the RT system with
"Permission Denied" on it.
The thing is, he’s in the same group as me, with no different
permissions on the queues we operate, and I can comment and use emails
nmormally. The other info is that using the web interface he can answer
and comment on the same tickets that return errors using the email

The only thing non standart on our installation is the “Actions” module,
but it works with everybody else.
There’s a snippet from the rt.log, as you can see I get the 'Permission
Denied" error too, but no idea of what/who is being denied of what.

[Thu Jul 19 17:14:47 2007] [debug]: Converting ‘ISO-8859-1’ to 'utf-8’
for text/plain - [CGI #31667] Re: [Rede] Host UP alert for
router-blococ! (/usr/share/request-tracker3.6/lib/RT/
[Thu Jul 19 17:14:47 2007] [debug]: Found a ticket ID. It’s 31667
[Thu Jul 19 17:14:48 2007] [warning]: Couldn’t write correspond.
Fallback to standard mailgate. Error: Permission Denied
(/usr/share/perl5/RT/Interface/Email/Filter/[Thu Jul
19 17:14:48 2007] [crit]: Permission Denied
[Thu Jul 19 17:14:50 2007] [error]: Could not record email: Message not
recorded: Permission Denied

Thanks for any help.

Jose P. E. Junior


Have you checked to see if that one user has more than one UserID? He 

could be in the system more than once and one of those E_mail addresses
could be what’s causing the error message.


Jos� de Paula Eufr�sio J�nior wrote: