Perforce Integration

I’ve found some archived messages on list about integrating Perforce with rt, but nothing of major substance.

Has anyone got a set of scripts (for rt or p4) that they can point me at so I can avoid doing work that is already available?

Things that would be of great use for example are: checkin notes appending to an rt ticket and checkins that close a ticket.

Thanks much!
~wayneMonti gmail wrote:

Hi all,

I have spent many hours today to find a solution to my problem, I will VERY
much appriciate any help here.

I have a CF Applies to “Ticket Transaction” called "SendResolutionMail"
which is select one value type.
I can’t get the CF Value out of it if it applies to “Ticket Transaction” BUT
I can get it if the CF applies to “ticket”.
I have tried many suggested ways to implement it which I found in the net.
but none of them solved it for me.

I have the following scrip and the Logger output is empty when I use
$Ticket->FirstCustomFieldValue. I can’t get the CF Value out of it…

Please help :frowning:

{ ### True when transaction is incoming email and CF ‘noemail’ is not set
my $Transaction = $self->TransactionObj;
my $Ticket = $self->TicketObj;
my $val = $Transaction->Type eq ‘Status’
&& $Transaction->NewValue eq ‘resolved’
&& get_custom(“SendResolutionMail”);
return $val;

Returns custom field value


sub get_custom {
my $target_name = $_[0];
my $val = $Ticket->FirstCustomFieldValue($target_name);
$RT::Logger->warning("$val"); # Logger output - RT: ((eval 1182):14)
return $val if defined $val;
return undef;

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