Patching Quicksearch


I’ve added some custom Status. In order to make them appear on the first
page’s quicksearch, I had to add a line to local/html/Elements/Quicksearch
{cond => “Status = ‘auto_resol’”, name => loc(‘auto_resol’)}]

then, there is a little bug on file html/Elements/QueueSummary that I
had to fix like that:
< % my @cond_names;
< % map{push(@cond_names, $_->{cond})}@$conditions;
< % my $all_q = $queue_cond . “(”.join(" OR “, @cond_names).”)";

% my $all_q = $queue_cond . “(Status = ‘open’ OR Status = ‘new’ OR
Status = ‘stalled’)”;

As you see, in the original version, it’s hardcoded that there are only
three states available… I thought you’d like to know it.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Scher