Patch vs 3.6.3

In the Wiki wishlists, on the list, and now in my office, there have
been requests for a user preference to set RT-At-A-Glance refreshing, so
it’s persistent between sessions. I’ve implemented a solution in the
attached files. Touches two files, and adds a value to the SiteConfig to
set a default. My RT-fu is young, but I tried to touch as little code as
necessary and imitate existing style. Constructive criticism welcome.

Config addition:

Set($DefaultRefresh, 0);

Patches (udiffs) to Prefs/MyRT.html and index.html included. Consider
copyright and license assignment to be to Best Practical. No rights

Matthew Keller
Information Security Officer/Network Administrator
Computing & Technology Services
State University of New York @ Potsdam
Potsdam, NY, USA

index.html.patch (540 Bytes)

MyRT.html.patch (1007 Bytes)