Patch to make daemons not say "(via RT)" (fwd)

When RT sends out emails, if there’s a human who caused the message, we like
the “(via RT)” in the From line. But if it’s an RT message, having the From
read “Dyna Bug Tracker (language queue) (via RT)” seemed silly.

There is only one variable that controls the pretty-printing of From lines,
$FriendlyFromLineFormat. But that variable is applied the same way to people’s
names as well as RT queue names.

So, to achieve output like this for humans’ names:From: “Asheesh Laroia via RT”
Subject: [rt #35] Resolved: improve the “From:” lines

But output like this for internal names:

From: “Our Request Tracker (server issues)”
Subject: [rt #62] AutoReply: Rollin’ on out

I applied these two patches:

  1. Create a new config $FriendlyRobotFromLineFormat in

  1. Modified lib/RT/Action/ so autoreplies from daemons use that

Simple stuff. Hope this helps others.

– Asheesh.

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