Patch for 3.6: correcting display logic in navigation menu after a search has been performed


in RT 3.6 after a search has been performed the Ticket/Element/Tabs added
submenus to two different menu items (‘Show Results’ and ‘Tickets’). In the
new 3.5 style css this had the strange effect that the navigation submenu
(’<< First | < Prev | Next > | Last >>’) moves to the page menu (below the
Title heading) and the Ticket menu stayed at the navigation menu.

This is not what you would expect, because normally (without a search
jumping to a specific ticket number, where a search navigation does not
exist) the ticket menu moves to the page menu.

If you used the “last_menu_level” css class you had other strange effects
painting the second last menu level as “last_menu_level”.

I moved the search navigation one level up with attached patch to correct
this strangeness.


bogus_last_menu_level.patch (1.25 KB)