Patch - addition of callback to Group Admin Basics page


I’d like to suggest a small patch to the Group Admin page - it’s just the
addition of a default callback, similar to the one that appears on the
Queue Admin page. The only thing I’m not sure about is the placement - the
patch puts it in the same table as the rest of the group fields and assumes
that the callback will return a table row. Might be better to put it after
the line.

Patch is for 3.4.2


— Modify.html Thu Jun 2 13:58:50 2005
+++ Modify_local.html Thu Jun 2 14:14:18 2005
@@ -83,6 +83,7 @@

<INPUT TYPE=CHECKBOX NAME=“Enabled” VALUE=“1” <%$EnabledChecked%>>
<&|/l&>Enabled (Unchecking this box disables this group)</&>

+<& /Elements/Callback, GroupObj => $Group, results => \@results, %ARGS &> <& /Elements/Submit, Label => loc('Save Changes'), Reset => 1 &>