Page not found http://.?./HASH(0x2af24643ee50)


I have just solved the same problem during weekend.
Delete the mason cache and restart the apache.

In my instalation the cache lives here:
I placed folowing command to my favourites and thinking of placing it in the
apache2 restart routines:
rm -rf /var/cache/request-tracker4/mason_data/obj/*

Lukas Loskot

Le 29/10/2012 ? 12:50:34-0400, Kevin Falcone a ?crit> On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 05:32:09PM +0100, Carlos Fuentes Bermejo wrote:

I’m just upgraded to 4.0.8, I’m also using RT::Authen::ExternalAuth to
login against a ldap server, and when I login into RT and I get a
"Page not found", “The page you requested could not be found”, the URL
which I have in the browser is, any

I assume you’re using RT-Authen-ExternalAuth?
If so, you want to grab 0.12 released last week which resolves this.

Well…I’ve exactly same problem.

I’ve erase the old RT-Authen-ExternalAuth by :

rm -rf plugins/RT-Authen-ExternalAuth

install the new version 0.12 from

but I still have this problem.

I have do this three time.

I’m using FreeBSD, with


and all ports is up2date.



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