Page Layouts, best place to start?


I’d like to change the layout of the page - /Ticket/Display.html
mainly remove some unused things and resize/move some others

Where would you suggest i start reading?



Hi Danny,

The following should set you on the right road. Don’t know what version
of RT you are using, these urls are for RT 4.4.2.
Just replace the 4.4.2 part of the urls below to the version of RT you
are using and you will get the relevant information.

Best Regards



I’m on 4.4.1, Those pages aren’t really as user friendly as what I’m after, Basically I just want to move some boxes around on the ticket page, Those pages include a lot more & if i need to learn heaps instead of a quick cut and paste I’ll look into having someone else do it, Does anyone know of a quick tutorial with examples on layout changes specifically or do I look at something like an Airtasker job?