Packaging RT2

Hi all

I’d like to know whether anyone else has taken on the task of packaging
RT2 into any form? I’ve managed to get all of the depended-upon CPAN
modules into RPMs (they total about 29), but now RT2 itself is proving
to be a bit stubborn :slight_smile:

Alternatively, if someone could help me with this - I’m trying to get
the Makefile to install the correct paths in the config files, but then
to install the actual files in a different location. For those of you
who don’t know RPM - it creates a ‘scratch’ build area, into which an
application gets installed, inside the complete paths it would have
gone into on the ‘live’ filesystem. That, in essence, gets tar’ed up
and rolled out when you install the RPM. So, usually doing this
"configure for one location, install to a different one"-idea works
pretty well with most systems, including autoconf/automake and
Perl/CPAN’s Makefile.PL

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


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Here’s my rpm .spec file and Makefile patch I used for packaging rt2
for redhat 6.2.

The Makefile patch allows the rpm to ‘configure one location, install to
another’ for rt2.

The dependencies are expressed as ‘perl-Module-Name’ package names, as
thats what I build using the ‘’ script from the CPAN scripts
directory. They’re not entirely complete, but they are close. You still
might need to rpm --nodepend the rt2 rpm once you’re close to having
everything else installed.

The rpm installs in 2 parts - once the rpm is installed, it displays
instructions for making a new/empty database and running the initial
setup - this is done to avoid clobbering an existing rt2 install during
an upgrade, and because the configure scripts need an initial rt2 user
database password.

Cris Bailiff