Own perl module to send sms after creating a new ticket

Hi List,

i want to send a sms to a fixed mobil number after creating a new ticket in
RT, depending on time (out of office, e.g. 7pm till 8am) and special
(client) domains.

I started with an existing perl script (to send sms) including the
possibility to access a sms-server, the “only” thing i had to do was to
adjust this perl script and put it into the RT system.

Everything was fine after i put this new ‘ScripAction’ into the ‘Action’
folder and created a new database entry in table ‘ScripActions’.

If i start this perl script not automatically with ‘perl scriptxy.pm’ at
command line everything including the log entries works fine, but together
with the scrip i created in RT nothing happens, though it should work

Is there something i have forgotten to adjust?!

Again my steps:

  • Create own RT SendSms module (tried to use the structure from other
    existing RT modules),
  • Copied it into the ‘Action’ folder,
  • Create a new database entry in table ScripActions, fill in the module name
    into field ‘ExecModule’,
  • Create a new Scrip in the RT frontend

Thanks in advance for any idea and feel free to ask for more details! :slight_smile: