Outlook Cc workaround

So, I’d been having this problem for awhile and didn’t realize what it
was. My environment involves an Exchange email server which serves our
primary domain. In it forwards are configured for the RT addresses to
forward to the RT machine.

For example: blah@foo.com -> blah@rt.foo.com

The problem that I’ve had: Cc’s are not propagated and therefore do not
get picked up by RT.

The workaround that worked for me was to get the manager of Exchange to
setup a mailing list with the name of the RT address (ex. blah@foo.com)
whose only member is the address of the queue on the server

Just to be thorough, I use RT 3.2.1, qmail, mysql, solaris, apache,
mod_perl. Generally current versions.

I know there was at least one other person on this list with this
problem, so I hope it helps!

Rick Rezinas
Unix Systems Administrator
Qsent, Inc.