Oracle install procedure for RT-3.0.2pre1

at least Jesse won’t be having nightmares over potentially supporting
another platform. The Oracle support - while largely complete from an
infrastructure point of view - isn’t useful to an enduser - not without
a fair bit of spit and polish. Hopefully these files will form the
basis for Oracle support within RT.

* Track down why creation of the System User (RT_System) attempts to
insert NULL data into the GroupMembers table
SimpleQuery: INSERT INTO GroupMembers (GroupId, MemberId, id) VALUES
(?, ?, ?)
NULL, 1, 1
but not for any other user…
* Change the GroupMembers table schema to support NOT NULL for the
GroupId column
* Implement a dropdb() option for the install procedure
* Make any other necessary changes to get ‘make initialize-database’
* Test, test and test again

To accomplish this you’ll need to:

  • apply the patches from

[ #2431] Patch to lib/RT/

[ #2432] Oracle support files for RT-3.0.2pre1

…and probe through the code to workout why this one weird oddity is

Hopefully I haven’t left out anything major. I’m going to holiday for a
while and will be pretty much uncontactable. I expect you all to work
on this quietly and hand it in your completed work to me on Tuesday May
6th AEST (or Monday for those in - GMT :wink:

Oracle install procedure:

./configure --with-db-type=Oracle --with-db-dba=RT
– --with-db-rt-user=RT

which now detects whether a Database instance/user exists and therefore
only needs to do the schema population. Your DBA will need to create
you a RT user to perform the above.

NB: Terminology used in Oracle is vastly different to the terms used in
MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Lots of holes - but hopefully by bouncing the problem around a few
people we can come up with an optimal solution.