Open ticket in multiple queues?

We’re running into problems because RT will not send an email out upon ticket creation to someone other than the owner of the queue in which the ticket is created. Is it possible to open a ticket attached to 2 or more queues?

maybe I don’t properly understand the setup because this shouldn’t be needed. The queue is somewhat like “discussion area” or “area of responsibility”. If you need more people to be responsible for something just add them into the group which is assigned to queue Watchers. And more than one group can be assigned if needed. Could you please add more details?

It’s a security environment, so queues are only accessible to the teams that own the queues and by design not accessible to anyone else. To illustrate, if a ticket is opened in the queue for our SOC, it is not available to anyone else unless the SOC either creates child tickets or assigns the ticket to a different team for investigation. If the ticket is reassigned, the SOC loses visibility of the ticket. Also, there are times when we want a ticket to be visible to more than one team and notifications (this is very specifically the primary issue) to be sent out to more than one team on ticket creation. RT does not cc on creation, only update. Hence the original question, can we assign a ticket to more than one queue???

  1. RT mails every role (AdminCc, Cc, Requestor, …) on the basis of scrips above the queue. If you want to notify CCs on creation, just add the scrip “On create notify CCs”.

  2. When you want to involve other groups to solving a ticket in queue which is not visible to them, just add them to the AdminCC of the ticket. You can add the whole group so you don’t have to name them separately. Just locate the group in (modify people of ticket 12345) by “Find groups whose” and add them the AdminCC role. It’s only for the defined ticket.

Maybe I still don’t understand the issue?


I think I have a similar problem to the original requestor.

I often have a case where a ticket belongs in one queue, but needs input from people from another queue to solve the problem. I would like to be able to specify the group watchers from the other queue as either AdminCCs or CCs at ticket creation time, but I haven’t worked out how to add a group to Admin CC or CC at ticket creation time - I only seems to be able to add individual email addresses, not a group.

I know how to add a group as AdminCC or CC after ticket creation, but it is tedious to have to create an empty ticket, edit the AdminCC or CC, and then reply to the ticket to add the content.