Open parent after all Approvals

After the first approval ticket is approved the parent ticket status is
changed to open.

How can we change this behaviour? it seems to be built into the approval
process of RT and not a scrip.

We want to trigger a ticket creation after the parent ticket is opened. We
had previously created a scrip to not open the parent ticket until all
dependants were resolved, but after getting the approval process working it
is now opening the parent and creating the new ticket after the first

Our process is not to create the last ticket until all approvals are

Can you point me to place where this can be changed

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I guess I should follow this up with more information

I am referring to the RT built in approval process, We have a test env
working now and when we have more than one approval ticket the parent ticket
is opened after the first approval, we want this to be delayed until all
approvals are completed.

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