Open Minds in IT IN CA: was (Re: RT 4)

I envy you. I really do.
In the past 13 years I’ve been working in IT (development and then
midlleware/operations) for fairly large corporations.
And I have to say that every single GOOD piece of software that I tried to
bring in - had to be fought for. To the point when its almost not worth it
to even try. Its extremely frustrating and just irritates me to no end. The
narrow-mindness and inability to see good things of the upper management is
astounding. The amounts of money being literally WASTED on crappy software
simply because some clown up on top (who’s never going to use it) decided
so…This is only possible in large companies because a smaller shop just
wouldn’t be able to survive like that.
I guess West Coast has always been more open to new things, maybe because of
Palo Alto and all the good things that came out of there, plus I think the
people are just generally more open-minded.
Out here, in NY, its just not like that…unfortunately…From: Robert G. Werner []
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Baytalskiy, Sal wrote:

I wish you were right…

It certainly hasn’t been my experience. My bosses really like it when I
make something happen and it doesn’t cost them much of anything but my time.

Certainly, my bosses aren’t open source zealots. We are an Oracle shop.
But ever place I’ve worked, when I bring in important improvements in
network reliability and monitoring or now trouble ticket tracking with RT
the response has been ecstatic and the fact that it doesn’t cost anything
has been huge.

The added luxury of being able to modify and look at the code has been icing
on the cake.

My experiences have mostly been in relatively small shops (50 - 300
people) over the last 10 years in California so take what I say with an
enormous grain of salt.

But really, to me, it sounds like there are better jobs out there for you.

Robert G. Werner (Network Systems Administrator)


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