OnComment Scrip subject null

Suddenly, the subjects on OnComment Scrips are empty. The only thing that
changed over the last couple days was the addition of OnOwnerChange and

I have a global scrip “OnComment NotifyAdminCcsAsComment with template

The template is:

$comment =~ s/^Re//i; $s;}

This is a comment. It is not sent to the Requestor(s):


I added Subject: {$Transaction->Subject|| “(No subject given)”} to the
tempate to check and $Transaction->Subject is null for some reason.

Can someone tell me where to begin to look to debug this?


matthew zeier - “In mathematics you don’t understand things. You just
get used to them.” - Johann von Neumann

Change:Subject: [Comment] {my $s=$Transaction->Subject; $s =~ s/[Comment]//g; $comment =~ s/^Re//i; $s;}


Subject: [Comment] {my $s=($Transaction->Subject || $Ticket->Subject); $s =~ s/[Comment]//g; $comment =~ s/^Re//i; $s;}

and you should be in business. I suspect it’s because you’re sending comments
on transactions where the re is no transaction subject.